All natural, wholistic, and ultimately good for the soul. We provide premium quality Alkaline herbal blends that are essential to obtaining optimal health.

Why alkaline herbs? Why now? Well, the better question is, why not? Sure, alkaline or plant based diets can help you lose weight, reduce cancer risk, or even change the pH level of your blood.  

I can give you all the facts on this lyfestyle, but the facts are what they are and the science remains.  What’s that old saying?  The proof is in the pudding. Well yeah, the proof is there. I know you’re probably thinking it, but no worries, I didn’t always believe in the hype of this way of life either. I was and always have been a avid meat eater my entire life, especially being born and raised in the land of BBQ.   

It wasn’t until 2018, when I was introduced to plant-based living, many alkaline herbs, and of course sea moss by one of my teammates. I’m a former Tight end for Texas A&M University, Pittsburgh Steelers, AAF San Antonio Commanders, and XFL Seattle Dragons. If you’re into sports, then you’ll know weighing about 285lbs is on the thicker side of a tight end. It’s been quite the journey maintaining a competitive weight especially playing along side guys who were 15-20lbs lighter than me. Well, that was before the Sea Moss. When I first started to take it, I could feel it instantly working. From flushing my body, to experiencing natural energy boost, less sore joints, and clarity within my thoughts, I could just feel my body being different. Prior to implementing alkaline herbs, I had already switched to a plant base diet in hopes of maintaining my weight as I continued to pursue a career being a professional athlete. 

With the change in my diet, implementing the Alkaline Herbs, and the increase in physical exercises, I was in the best shape of my life at the age of 27. Because of this, I was inspired to learn more about these Holistic Healing Herbs and become affiliated with direct vendors to help promote the best brand of Alkaline Herbal Blends in which CoreLyfe Naturals was derived.  

Why CoreLyfe? Because life started at the core for me, literally. I was able to rebuild my body from the inside out. And in doing so, I wanted to accompany so many others on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.  

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